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I pay attention to where I go to at night when I close my eyes. It has always been this way. At times when I dream I get to hang out with people I have not seen in ages. It does feel like I literally just popped in for a visit. Or  I spend ntime with someone, the way I would when I was with them while awake. Those dreams are delicious, as it is often someone I have no link with anymore. It feels like we literally made an appointment to meet and hang out . Or I am shown something and given insight into a situation or relationship – mine or people I care for.

Then there are those dreams. Those yucky ones where I feel in need of a sound bath upon waking. Dreams where I am certain I visited some place on the other side where people, or bits of them, are stuck. This is where some shamans travel to when they perform a soul retrieval ceremony, or so I have heard.

Again, it is the absence of light, of murky darkness in the souls of those around me I have to shake off upon waking. When I was getting divorced I would travel to places like that often and felt myself becoming undone there. I woke up scared. Now I am an observer watching the game play out with what feels like neutrality.

Next time I want to dream about exotic aliens ( not the greys’ or the draconian reptiles okay?) and Giants and lost civilizations instead. It’s time for something new. I know, there are places like that over here also. Places of damnation.

Luckily, I get to sing about those places or invent then when I write music. Yet I never stop for too long. We all know the black people always die first in horror movies.  If there was a horror movie and I was in it, I would tell the white boyfriend/lover/lead  to get the door while I  escaped.

Here’s to better dreams and better days! Pay attention to what you dream about. They offer clues and perhaps something you don’t want to see…but must.



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