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It finally happened. The bladdy algorithm swallowed me. And just what am I wasting 15 minutes on? Mostly, I watch Middle Eastern men dance. Yepp. Or I watch men reveal their ink to terrible Music…while they dance. What’s wrong with me??

This year’s energy is off to a mad start. I am  a great deal more focused. No siestas for me. Unless I fall asleep at 4am. I should visit the beach more. Or visit friends, or make more friends  instead of being a regular at the library or  with Roeland, my book dealer.  However ( and this sound absolutley mad), I do not want to make friends at home, as that would anchor me to one place where there is so little Music!

And in other pointless news – I removed my braids for a while. It is rather odd dealing with my own hair.  However, it now takes 3 times longer to go anywhere! 

Today was an odd day. I cried a bit as a memory of a friend who died a few years ago surprised me. What else is there to do but cry a little and then get back to work?