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I do not care for social media. Lately, all I see is the algorithm running circles around  everyone. Jab here. Jab there. Fear here. Fear there. Smile. Life isnt that bad ( and just to prove it here’s a picture of me and me and me!) Look here! Look!  Here’s what I am cooking and who I am fucking! Social media is a swamp.   I am back on the socials only because it is easier to reach people for radio interveiws.

It astounds me how  naive I was once about people. I honestly believed….even when there was no reason or proof to.  I am embodying The Queen of Swords energy of late. She is the bad bitch of the Tarot. Cut you off and spit you out.  Nah, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that….I have taken some of her energy and lodged it in my eyes. So I can see and have clarity.

I use to dream about people. All manner of people. And the dreams allowed me to know things I could not possibly know. Look, we are all connected to each other in some form or fashion. After all, humanity is One  Being when viewed from a different perspective. Yeah man, if you were an alien…you would know this to be true, jah feel me? Anyhoo, I dream….and for a while the dreams made me feel so connected to people no longer in my life….until.

Until I asked myself the following: Does it matter? Does it help? Does it change anything? No? Thank you dream for reminding me that we are all connected….but I gotta move on. Thanks, seriously,but the days of dwelling and obsessing  like a mad Scorpio….that shit is done. The last two years grounded me.  I refuse to remain stuck, paid poorly or mistreated in any form or fashion.  I will leave quietly and that will be the end. Crazy girl antics are not my thing.

People who bring drama have no place in my life. Men who only call when shit goes wrong need a therapist. Loose my  number guy.  I am not here to stroke anyone’s ego. My time is precious. As is yours. Let’s not fuck around and waste time eh?  Unless we are fucking around that is. But even then. Are the terms clear, do you agree?  Cool. 

Balance. The pandemic and Daddy dying taught me balance….and reminded me ….I dont know how long I will be alive. None of us do!   So it is best I enjoy all of being alive  with people whose hearts are true. Know with whom your heart is safe my people. And if you have doubts.  Ask. Nothing pisses me off more than cowardice. Especially my own. And see people for who they are. 

I  refuse to believe being alive  entails  only lessons and things to get done. I know… my bones….that we are also here to gift each other with all manner of wonderful experiences. Bliss. Peace. Love. Joy. The good stuff. Regardless of what happens or what your life may look like….remember the good stuff yeah? 

Do you remember when someone looked at you like you were IT for them? The cream of the crop. The bee’s knees. The king. The Queen. The Emperor….with clothes. Remember that feeling? Now ….be that for your own damn self and have a bladdy great day!  You are amazing in case you forgot. X 

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