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Isn’t this what most of us desire after 2020 and as this new year gets going? We deeply need for circumstances in our lives to somehow be different. So we sometimes agonize and try to find some wriggle room.

Perhaps, last year was needed. We had no choice but to find  or create  the meaning behind all the events that took place.  So time was needed to process all those emotions. But if you pay attention and try to be present to what’s happening…you might hear something else riding on the back of the wind.

I was surprised  by the new thought that popped into my head yesterday. It’s time to write new stories, something whispered. This. Here. Is almost at an end.

Ask me what that really means? I have no idea. Still, how does one even start and where? New stories? New experiences? New people? I know where I am needed. Yet, where is it I would like to be, what is it I would like to experience first hand?

I think I will sit under the sun for a while and allow the answers to find me. The ease of being and allowing is what needs to remain central. As it means I am more receptive to the Big Stories that are always on the Hunt for people who are capable of sharing it. Yes, that’s the plan.

Watch this space. I always enjoy a good surprise from the universe. And on that subject, my song Help Me Out is being used for a global campaign.  Also, an edgy photo shoot is being planned. That should be fun I reckon…and who knows what may come of that eh?

Have a great day wherever you are. And pay attention to signs being left by the next Big Story that’s stalking you. Daring you to not run, to stand still as it slowly makes it’s way towards you in the shadows. Should you be scared? Perhaps a little. As what is required is a bit more than you have experiences before. And that’s part of the fun, don’t  you see? How else to evolve hmm? How else to start writing new stories if you dont leave behind what is known?

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