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Be careful what you ask for…as the answer is inevitably – yes. My daughter gets upset as all my attention is focused on Music. Shows to plan, words to steal, books to read, and experiences that are fertile grounds for more Music! Seriously, who could ask for more?

The epiphany that all love fuelled interaction orbit around the discovery of self removed all romantic  notions from my bones. And let’s be frank, I enjoy the broadness of my life, it blooms with love of every conceivable kind.

My friends call me the runaway bride for a reason (despite having John Legend stuck in my throat singing ‘ I can change!). The idea of getting entangled in the mind and body of another is not fascinating…enough right now. Perhaps it never really was! Or maybe, just maybe I have not been properly persuaded. Time reveals all….and that’s the only idea that does excite.

Right now I am penning songs where I mock anyone in the vicinity.  I grab bits of sentences and throw them over a bridge or a cliff. Needless to say, my family are not as amused as I am!

Or Ipen songs inspired by sci fi books where control of the entire galaxy is the name of the game…as well as dividing my mind and placing them in different bodies (using cloaking technology obviously) in order to reach said objective. All the while high grade fuckery of every kind takes place. Yepp, this is what happens when there is no one mired in the recess of my mind or heart. I write crazy bladdy Music! Or as my daughter so colorfully phrased it, “Mother, musically speaking, you are on your villain timeline…” Kids…

During Summercamp a friend used the phrase ‘kissing cars’. I finally managed to find a song where it fits fantastically!  Along with another phrase called ‘ the ho gene’ which I used while preparing breakfast. Needless to say, I am in a great bladdy mood….my family…not so much! And I am strangely okay with that. Have a great damn day wherever you are! X