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Chemistry is key. Each musician I work with has a different frequency. Andre Scheepers was my first songwriter and producer, and we work so well together.

Andre and I at a rooftop performance

It helps that he is a mad Aries who knows his shit…and me. We work fast and all the Music is hella dramatic. There is heartache and death. Whether it is a song he wrote…

Or a song I wrote…

My favorite thing? A hard drive full of instrumentals from Seth Grey. On each album you will find one of his beats.

Seth and I on set for a music video …4 albums ago

On the Silk and Gravel album….Finger on the Trigger was augmented and expanded on to sound the way it does now.

Working with Tumi, on the other hand is a different experience. We have a strange bond that borders in telepathy. Whether he is near me or far. Sometimes we even share dreams.

The Music is smoother, more anchored around the ideas of a gentle kind of love…Or, we are trying to make some kind of point.  My Mother loves him and his cooking.

Rodney Buys, on the other hand, knows me so well. He takes my bad piano playing and turns it into gold. I can give him any song and he does this…