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In the previous blog post I described my ideal day, to check how far my current reality is from what I idealise. There are a few things I failed to mention…

I would like to have this life overseas. Not here. And travel and tour a great deal in between making music.

My family love and depend on me and I enjoy being here. For now. For as long as needed. Yet my life and music is not here. Neither is my happiness. It’s all a wonderful balancing act isn’t it?

Ps, I dreamt of Taika Watiti, the New Zealand director. Omg, he is funny! And so is his family. I fact, he has really good looking male relatives! Haha. Now that was just a nice dream and needed.

I have work to do and my Summer Camp ticket to purchase. I really can’t wait for my birthday and to get away alone.

The answers are always in plain sight, what it is we should perhaps take a closer look at.  My second name is Joy, which is what I am in need of. But how’s this for weird hmm? JOY  could also mean….. wait for it…..Just Own Yourself. Sweet lawd, clues galore! After all, this is what I am in the process of doing.  Now to pick a song to start my day….


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