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I don’t review music well, even though I am a musician. That’s being said I am going to share my thoughts on Ben Harper’s new album.

Ps – I listened to this album as though it was one piece of music. I got into bed, made myself cosy and…

I have never been as moved by an instrumental album… until I heard Ben Harper’s Winter is For Lovers. It felt like a movement, one song moving with fluidity into the other.

The music moves with ease, gently and to surprising melody lines, it manages to never remains still. It takes one on an emotive journey through  ( for me ) the lives of so many people. So many places and spaces in time. One has no choice but to listen intently, as to not miss a single note; a secret whispered, a place  lured into…

And now follows the most un-technical bit of all…

There sound of the guitar itself, the resonance underneath the  music being played, even his fingers sliding along the guitar, created  richness and texture. Almost to much to bear at times.  Aided and abetted by skillful hands, this entire album felt like a story one should  hear. As the storyteller had walked far and long, suffered excessive sunlight and darkness, and needed to take a rest and share his stories with others. I was captivated from begining to end.

I was transported, swept away by the entire album. Sublime. Unbearably beautiful. Listen and be moved.

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