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Have you ever found yourself in this precarious position? You are on your way to their fridge to get bad food while watching a utterly ridiculous movie. Yes, you are deeply aware that you could be spending your time in a wise and more productive fashion. But you already have the snacks in your hand and the movie has progressively become a bit crazier in the last 2 minutes?

So I watched the movie Gray Man….and.. as we say in Cape Town ‘”  Dus ‘n skop, skiet  en donner saak “. Everyone is getting their asses  handed to them in a rather spectacular manner. Ryan Gosling is, of course, my kinda man. Silent, mysterious, hella smart armed with guns for days and inventive ways of getting out of bad situations. It was so outrageous I loved every bit of it! Hahaha

Let’s not forget the movie I must catch as soon as possible. It’s called The Reef. Yes, a bladdy shark is stalking bunch of women who only have pure intentions. I mean what the bladdy hell? I know, I know….the shark has nothing better to do with its time but to outwin  some ladies. I know I am gonna enjoy this movie. Chomp, chomp  sharkie  baby! Haha.

Look. We all require a bit of distraction every now and then…