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I could not keep a single thought in my head yesterday. It’s  the war. The war in the Ukraine.

Fuck politics. Fuck notions of land and resources. Fuck old men with small dicks and big egos. How many people will have to die this time? Haven’t we been through enough?

I had to record a little çlip explaining why people should come to watch us perform yesterday….but couldn’t.  I was shocked at my own response to the news. My mother and her church are praying, of course. I think  all are..

It s fitting that I decided to rework  one of the first  songs I ever  wrote on Monday. Here are some of the lyrics.

Everyday when I look around me, this is what I see
There’s more crime in this town
Politicians are fooling around
And corruption is rife, more people lose their lives
It’s not safe to outside , it’s not safe you outta hide

When did I believe what they have to say
My life, I’m a prisoner in my life
I’m so weary I can’t go this way
My life, I’m a prisoner in my life

The real question isnt why did we get here….but How?

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