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I love uncovering other people’s secrets, or understanding that one thing that makes them tick.  People do share with me. I take the time to listen because I know how important it is to be seen and heard. My friend popped by for a visit and said jokingly, ‘You should be a Lockdown coach. You know how to make people feel good.’  Yeah, I told him a few things he forgot also. Hehe!

I don’t have time to lie to anyone. If you are wearing a great coat, I will mention how amazing you look. Or if you smell incredibly good, I might ask to sniff you. My Mother taught me to appreciate the good stuff and acknowledge people. Only thing is I can’t do that when around her. Once I mentioned a man inside a shop is rather handsome. She rocked up with him to my car! Mothers are so extra!

Do you what the core of this blog post is? Don’t give yourself or your heart away so easily yeah? While I am very open, I do not share as freely as I use to, with men especially. So  cling on to that bit of mystery, that mystique.

Love should be earned, even if it is the very stuff we are made of. Allow people to show you how much they love you. And don’t forget to do the same, but be earnest and sincere in doing so. Don’t mess with people’s hearts and feelings man. Some people  are more fragile than we could imagine. I discovered that about myself after my father died.

Right now I am listening to Ben Harper’s instrumental album, Winter is for Lovers. That bladdy album got me through the worse of last year! I do not listen to it around other people.

Anyhoo, gotta cook and bake. We are going away for a weekend, a nice break from home. Wherever you, behave or don’t. Have a great weekend, and while you are doing that….try being nicer to people. Throw a compliment here and there, an honest one….and see what happens!  We should celebrate each other more. In big and small ways. But that’s my 59 cents on the matter. Gotta go. Recipes to find…



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