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Gilda’s husband, Doug, passed three years ago. Yet, the one thing he said remains with me. We spoke about truth once and he asked me, ‘For whom are you speaking that truth?’ The reason why it stopped me in my tracks was this: sometimes the truth can be even more damaging than a lie. Especially, if you feel righteous in speaking it.

Today, Gilda and I spoke. ‘I feel like the path head of me has been cleared, ‘ I said. ‘There is nothing and no one in my past that I have issues with. No obstacles, no illusions. I see things clearly and people for who they are’. Meaning, there is space for new energy and people to enter. This, I find very exciting.

I noticed when people have dealings with me, the following cycle. They assume I will always endure certain behaviors, or that I will always be around – for them and their needs. I am a deeply loyal human being, an understanding one too. I stick around for as long as I feel the need to, say my peace and silently exit their lives. Leaving everything behind. Only once I figured out what within me allowed such behaviors in another to make an impact.  I do not speak in anger and won’t act out of desperation. The gods never leave us without what we need. As I go about my days…this is the one truth that I am constantly shown.

The truth, my truth, matters to me alone. I won’t wield it like a sword, but neither will I hide it. Fact is, if people pay enough attention….the truth is plain as day. Words are not needed. Yet, so many of us wait around for those words, that explanation to set our minds at ease. When the truth is very clear. Illusions and self deception is great for music and creative endeavours, sure. But for the rest? I will pass, thank you very much.

I only turn the other cheek once. Life is short. I keep reminding myself and others. Why would I want to endure a smack on my cheek when it can be kissed billions of times eh?

Knowing and honoring my truth matters. And sharing that frequency with others. Not injuring. Not intentionally hurting, just enjoying the space. And being good to one another. Truthful in our feelings and honest in our dealings. X