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I wanna do the following, in no particular order. This is all I can think of for today. No serious career or relationship stuff is in here. I hope no friends of mine or my daughter reads this as it will mess up my plans!

I wanna…

Be involved in a car chase.

Make a 5 course meal that’s picture perfect. I  want to do this once because I don’t have time to impress my very impressionable family and set a precedent. As I would be expected to perform culinary miracles every time we gather and god knows I don’t have time for that.

Write a punk song or a musical.

Be involved in a serious treasure hunt.  Damn you Indiana Jones and Nicolas Cage.

Pull a bad ass prank on my daughter that involves the cops, a car chase and possibly some fake blood. Or ghosts and poltergeists.

Sing in an ancient temple in some remote part of the world. I can only imagine how the music would be amplified by the energy that’s already circulating.

Shadow a dominatrix and interview all her clients.

Shadow a mechanic and park like a damn boss.

Wait, I wanna attend a drag race! Or race and not die while doing so.

Spend a night with my closet friends in a haunted place, drink whiskey and watch them freak out….as I won’t tell them a damn thing about where they are..

Make sweet gentle or not so gentle love in a room that’s wired for sound. I want to feel every instrument move through my body.

Light up a Jay in a hot air balloon!


On a unrelated note my daughter is kinda awesome. The more I urge her to enjoy her life and enjoy being happy – to essentially inhabit her skin and not be focused on her mind and spirit alone…the more she tells me that what she wants is neutrality. To not even be swayed by the concept of happiness itself. She is way to Zen for me. This is what happens when you raise your kid a certain way. Yeah, I have only myself to blame…or congratulate.

I do maintain – we are on this piece of Earth to enjoy being in it. To enjoy being alive and feeling our hard work pay off. To revel in the joy of being alive. But everyone has their own path, their own way. PS, I did pull a prank on my daughter many years ago and it was glorious! Hehe






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