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I am not sleeping well, but this is not new. I decided to place songs into categories at 5 am. The Villian timeline, as you can tell, contain a bit more rage, low and high grade fuckery. My Mythic timeline is my favorite, of course. And then there’s the love stuff….working on that, working on it. Currently it feels light and happy, as love should I reckon. But this is how it looks so far. A bit disappointing to be honest.

Villian Timeline

Slaughterhouse liquor
Bad Wolf
Chasing Idols
Kissing Cars
Yesterday’s  Hangover
Chaos Pilot
Cherry Blossom beautiful
Dead letter box
Set it Alight
An eye for an eye

For the Mythic album

Riddle me Gently

A jar of Night

Wherever the light falls
Burnt Fingers
Forests in the Sun
When the rain…
Vast is the forest
Who wants to be Green

About Love

Lipstick stains
Till the waves touch the ground
Spilt words

In the arms of my Lover
A little bit of romance
Everyday and every night
I’ll think of you
Piano twinkle toes