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Sometimes I wish  decisions were easy to make. The emotional toll put behind me and integrated seamlessly.  No second guesses and no delays. Alas, not. Nope. Hell no. It takes a while and in between point A and point Z  so much Music is penned…

After releasing Call it Love Anima Sola, I knew I could run into my ex husband and chill with the dude. No bad feeling. In fact, I felt balanced and neutral in my energy towards him. As I wrote Music at every single point when doubt assailed me, when sadness overwhelmed. This was always my way. The Music cleansed…but first I was made aware of how I  hurt and hurt others. Ultimately, the question I ask myself after letting go of anyone is  – what did I learn about myself?

Why do I mention this?  I have nothing in my past to sing about anymore. I never thought this day would come. There is nothing there. No heartache.  No loss. No regret. No longing.  In this very second….this lovely moment of now…I feel good. I am content. Happy. Grateful.  Words that would annoy my best friend. But so damn what? It’s my life alone to live after all.

Considering the shittiness of this year, I got through it better than I thought I would. And that’s enough.

One of my crack happy songs. From my 1st album