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People are becoming more creative. On day three of Lockdown my sister was searching for beer recipes. Honestly, it feels like the Prohibition over here. No alcohol and cigarettes sold during quarantine. This is noble and needed some would say.

So I thought I would share a funny story that involves a bottle of 15 year old something-something my father brought from Cuba. Meaning, it has been sitting on a shelf for 15 years. We have been eyeing that bottle, convinced only upon my father’s death it would be opened.  Alas, damn you Corona! We finished it in one sitting, my siblings and I. This after secret consultations with my Mother who made me promise to fill the bottle with weak tea instead!

While consuming this elixir, my brother confessed that he was only shocked once by my behavior. I threw him with an apple, from a distance, dead between his eyes. Well, look, in my defense….I was getting married and was very pregnant. Also he was a bit of an annoying twit. Thank goodness for….spiritual development,on both our parts! Apples have been banned at any and all future weddings, it was decided.

I then reminded them of an incident when I was 17 and they ate my contraceptive pills, hoping it was sweets. My Mother and I scared them so, they both got on their knees and prayed! ‘Please, God, I don’t want breasts…’ said my brother. ‘And I want to have babies one day…’ pleaded my sister. My sister again said that she would never ask for my help to solve any dispute as I am way to peaceful, whereas she wants to fight everyone. And on that note I was chosen to be a Peace Ambassador. My sister just rolled her eyes! Haha.

We eat together, all seven of us. Supper has become what it should always be. A time when dirty jokes are made and my Mother’s lack of cooking skills…questioned. ‘Yes, Mother, you have to cook for your own survival,’ said my daughter. Shame. We should be nicer to my Mother. But after placing an entire frozen chicken in the soup…her culinary sins are not as easy to forget. Forgive yes, but forget? Never!

My energy and thoughts remain with people who inspire  and excite me. Hence, my love life has been non existent for this last year. I decided to not look towards anyone for what I need. Find it within myself first, whatever I am feeling the absence of, and discover the root causes. There’s a time for everything after all, even for distractions. Love will find me.

Still, there’s a great deal to be excited about.  Despite this virus. Life goes on and so will we. Those who decide to stay, that is.

Now, if I was an evil alien overlord….the truth about this virus would be peppered with a great deal of disinformation and lies. I would scare people….gently, for a prolonged period of time. They, will do the rest by themselves, to themselves. And this life, this illusion we are all busy co-creating is just that. A game of polarity. Both sides are fighting for the top spot.

So when I wake up, I fill my being with thoughts that make me happy. I refuse to give into the frequency of fear or live with untruth in any part of my life, least of all my mind, my heart, my music. That is where I chose to remain…and how you will find me.




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