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As a general rule, I am not easily moved into reckless action. This, I tell myself, is what I am seeing, observing. This is where I am now. This bed. Wearing this Jersey.

It helps being deeply intentional about where, how and with whom time is spent. What food is being eaten? What entertainment being ingested? As ….. I  go where I please and I please wherever I go. Come on, you gotta like the sound of that!

Production on the new albums have already started. I can almost sing the French song, after 3 hours of practice. Although, I must admit….when I got it right…French sounds amazing in my throat. Setlist have been formulated and songs learnt. I am enjoying all the 007 songs, obviously. And Rodney, my Musical Director, relishes the opportunity to perform  our own 007 composition, When Worlds Collide, as a band.

This was inspired by the sound of the tyres on a wet road at night.  It sounded like violins for some odd reason. I ran home wrote the song and took it to Darryl Manual to produced it. This sounds amazing live. It’s all drums and fury! Found on my Dreaming Music album

Have a great day wherever you are. Yes, you….you gorgeous thing you! X