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When things get tricky…chill. Thank you again 2020 for teaching me this. There is just no point in panicking my people. Not about anything or anyone.

This last week was tricky, I won’t lie.  So, I did what I always do. I found one safe person to speak to. Got clarity and spent time with my other family. The end result? I am so high on the happiness fumes!

There were crazy babies who kept on saying, ‘Aunty Yo, come outside…’ And that’s when the madness started. The squealing, the howls of terror as I was both the Bad Wolf and The Lovely Butterfly. We sang, we jumped and I chased them like only a mad aunt should. We made food, sat in the gorgeous sun, listened to music and planned the festivals we are going to attend next year. I came back with my sanity restored and my balance intact.

I mention this as…well, the world is going a bit crazy isn’t it? I restored my FB  account like a bad ex boyfriend I know I should leave but opt to slowly ghost and hope he notices enough to not call again. My focus is on people with whom I share frequency. Not the media, not the politicians or crazy celebrities, local or abroad. And when I mission to Cape Town, I spend time with people of the same ilk. I sing, do what needs to be done and ignore everything and everyone who I don’t share emotional resonance with.

My time is shared with only good people. And I am so lucky to be allowed into their lives that I take nothing for granted. Kindness is always repaid with more kindness. After all, what you give out is what you get back.

The music? I don’t know about the music anymore. But I trust the way will be shown. That’s more than enough for now. In the meantime I do what I can with what I have. The truly great stuff will happen at its appointed time.

Dream well wherever you are. And live an even better life yeah?