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I sat for hours in front of the de-tuned piano. The fact that some notes sound wonky do not bother me as much anymore.  So there I was….  playing   rather magical sounding chords,  yet I struggled to find words! The song remains nameless despite being complete. 

Here are some of the lyrics. Published by Sony Music.

♤ ♧

Love’s  a siren swarm on the high seas.
Just a thrown sentence where goodbyes are spread thin.
Little boy eyes that swallow everyone
Ruined smiles mirrored by the sun

Still your dream’s  a treasure chest”

I really like the nostalgic and whimsical bent it has.  Not too sad, not too happy.  A song to hand over to Rodney in the new year, to test  on an unsuspecting audience. Also, very different to Silk and Gravel. A great deal gentler.

Later still I sing…

◇ ♧

Cherry blossom blue skies under a forgotten sea
Butterfly husks and endings burn
Fireflies worshipped by the sun
Little girl dreams that slowly come undone

Still your heart’s a treasure chest..