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After writing my second album, Call It Love and getting divorced,going on stage with all those sad songs seemed rather….daunting. I recall that clearly. And the big argument with my daughter that ensued.

I am singing away my sadness girl, I said. Not out in town dancing and having my way with men. So let me sing and shut up. I said something like that yes.  Transmuting the energy and releasing it was my primary goal. I had to sing!

I intend doing the same with this new album. Only this time I am sharing all the good feeling emotions, the magic, the awe. Not an ounce of sadness. I share all the love and bits of magic I experienced. Releasing, letting it go and make space for something new to enter.

I am not focused on music. How can I be? Everyone is so uncertain about what comes next. The South African music scene is a joke. Okay, look it always was. It served only the privileged few and that’s just how it goes.

I need to find a project that excites me, where I am required to work with different people in an area of the world I am not familiar with. Now that sounds great! In the meantime, I need to secure great sound for an online concert to raise funds for TLC Alzheimer’s Homes.

Also, it occurred to me, the following thought. Just because there exists restriction ‘out there’ does not mean the miraculous can’t happen….to me and for me. Yes. Life surprises. I can’t wait until it surprises me! In the meantime, I am gonna surprise a few people I know – with food, words and music.

I have learnt to choose my thoughts very carefully of late. If I am gonna cast small little spells the minute I wake up, I might as well bring my A game and invoke the sublime. With and without the music. Until all this, the life I am living, comes to an end.

Yeah, I chose to live every second of being here with….awe, gratitude and a innocent belief that one never does know just what’s around the corner. And what’s around the corner is so much better than what I once knew.

After all, isn’t my life so far….proof of that?