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I carry many questions around with me. Some are innocuous, while others are mind bending. The strange thing is…all are being answered! In the strangest of ways also…

I have clarity on the drowning dream a few days ago. Not for one second did I regard it as an omen for my future. Although, I enjoyed the meditation on death and the meaning I attributed to my life. I knew it was past life related, but could not understand why it presented itself to me now. Until the answer was handed to me…

What is it I struggled with most for as long as I can recall? Speaking my truth, honoring the music within and after my father passed – breathing. The dream presented itself as a reminder that not only was this a fear but one I had conquered this time around.

I love it when small bits of magic find their way to me and it all makes sense! Another indicator that the energy in my life has shifted. The one thing I asked for is here. An elevation of energy, the unstuckness is gone. I can’t wait to see what else rocks up in my life!

See? That’s the new story I am telling myself. Wonderful new energy, experiences and people are on their way to find me. And even, on the off chance that something from my past presents itself, it too has evolved beyond where it once was!


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