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Sometimes I have to laugh at myself. Once, when my daughter was small (just a year or so), I had entire books of songs….with no music! As I didn’t  own a piano or keyboard! Still, I remember distinctly being able to open any page, and knowing the song melody instantly! And now I complain about other things. Whereas, back then I couldn’t even imagine what playing with a real band would feel like! The idea was just too overwhelming!

Our inner narrative, the dogma we cling to, would have us believe we are not progressing fast enough. We should be more and arrive at that imaginary space fully formed and equipped. When the reality is that the journey itself is the only preparation we ever need.

What can one do but enjoy the process as it unfurls eh? Like my Gilda says, ‘ My girl, those who are called are never ready. They are readied along the way…’