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Best line of the year comes from my Mother. She is spiritual and very attached to her church. She also loves hanging with her six sisters who she hasn’t seen in a while. That’s the context okay?

‘We are gonna paint the town red with the blood of Jesus!’

I immediately called my sister and said, ‘Dude, we need to use this line somewhere along the way…’ Probably while enjoying our first glass of whiskey together. No, no. Not mock my Mother…but to celebrate her! My Mother is all kinds of magic.

Moving on. I thought about the process of real connection and how it feels. When listening to some people I get a feel of the place they really want to inhabit. Allow me to explain and sketch the scene.

A conversation is struck up with what looks like a seriously minded man.  To the outside world he appears as one thing. But if listened to very carefully you can not only feel it, but see the places his imagination travels to…during those brief seconds when the pull of everything he must do allows him to check out.

Sometimes it feels like a mad and magical carnival. Lights of various hues casting shadows and silhouettes. Snake charm music and hands clapping, the smell of popcorn and sticky fingers wafting in the air. And I can see behind that  sober face on which facts and only logic is etched, a small boy. The one who ran away despite being warned and stands, forever excited about this secret world he always wanted to be part of. I remind the man of the mad boy whose eyes never stopped sparkling. The face he sometimes struggles to see in the mirror.

With women that place of connectivity is a land of its own filled with doorways, stairs  and maps all scattered, to different times and places. And inside all the objects carry life and tell a story. All we need to do is decide where to sit and talk, and what current to ride as we travel into each other’s lives.

Most of the time I have to move them out of the room, doorway or stairs. Or they hand me a map or clues to the place I am trying to find. We remind each other that distance and objectivity is real and not one of the last clues hiding on the innermost edges of a rainbow that can’t be anchored to the ground for more than a few minutes at a time. And from each place we take a momento to hide under our pillows ready to be used. Or thrown away in a place so far removed.

I can’t wait to meet new people and travel with them as they speak and share. On an unrelated note I woke up this morning and thought, ‘What am I doing in Australia? What have I been dreaming about ?’ I am always travelling it would seem.

Now to get back into bed and read. Tomorrow I record.

Ps, the movie Antebellum is not worth watching. Unless you wanna get pissed off about slavery that is. I find it interesting…not only why certain movies are made…but the reason for it being released at a specific time.