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Who doesn’t know what it feels like to just be with someone, to walk, talk, laugh and become oblivious to the entire world around them?

Fun fact. That’s what my first Ben Harper dream felt like. I needed a dream or a reminder when the foundation of my world cracked apart. And I am grateful to have shared the experience of being with someone in that manner when I didn’t expect it, a few years ago.

Another fun fact. Ethan Hawke and I share a birthday. I fell madly in love with him after watching Dead Poet’s Society with Daddy ages ago.

This is not a trailer but gives great insight into the trilogy, into the realness of love, of deep connection…and why it matters.

And yes, absolutely….I look forward to knowing that feeling once again. I trust (it might sound odd) that I will find the equivalent or better when the time is right.

All of the movies are well worth watching, even if you don’t need a reminder. It’s a wonderful depiction of a real relationship and the wildness of love.

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