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I love spending time with friends who  become family. Perhaps it’s the sound of a house filled with little feet, a blaring tv, the smells of food, smouldering fire and the clinking of whiskey glasses late in the evening that comfort me.

My friends have two very healthy and active twin boys. Bathing and dressing them is an Olympic sport. Watching them can cause heart palpitations! These boys, Luca and Matteo, have zero chill! Everything is opened, tasted, climbed in or pulled off. My friend always wanted to be a mother and love in her language. I remember meeting her now husband many years ago on their first serious date. ‘What are your intentions with my friend?’ I asked him. And with a very dark stare in his eyes he said, ‘I am marrying her ..’

So nothing gives me greater joy than seeing their lives unfold. Yet this past weekend was by far the best when we all ventured out to the club! My friends, their friends as well as the nanny and her best friend. I  admitted I love watching people, especially when they dance. Those two were bumping and grinding  around each other so every now and then. She….always elegant and he…filled with fire, winding his way around her.  Then the Nanny got into the mix. Her dance movements were sharp and grounded. Yet there was a liquidity to her sway. The way she danced reflected exactly who she is when she cares for the twins.

I recall looking across the dancefloor for someone that felt like silence. Only to realize I am my own silence, and so I continued dancing alone and laughing!  That reminds me I have to prepare for CT as I am spending Christmas and New Year’s with friends.

Already the idea of spending Christmas alone has surfaced in my mind. Not out of self pity or lack of company. I have not been alone during a festive season….ever. I have never spent that time with anyone where silence between us blooms.

Perhaps, perhaps…the beach or a nature reserve with some books and snacks.  At 8pm, a movie. Friends, laughter and music comes much later…

I enjoy moving from one village of people to the next. Being subsumed and enriched as we share stories, music, food and laughter. However, I enjoy, equally, leaving…as the sun sets, their collective joy still moist on my skin.

Now to prepare for whatever  wonderful experience comes next…or give that to another in turn.



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