Music dreams are the best! And last night no one other than Josh Homme from my favorite band Queen of the Stone Age made a guest appearance.

He visited my home and loved speaking to my Mother and sister. Made himself this crazy hairstyle that was ice cream blue, as though he was ready to walk into a fooked up music video but he needed some time off first. His manager or assistant kept on asking me who I am and my age! I kept saying,” I didnt ask him to come here. He just walked in as if he belongs.”

….and then said…in a very off hand and weird manner….he got me a gift and hopes I dig it. Also, I should call him James instead! He transformed a space into those old school Hollywood rooms with the mirror and lights around it. Decked out with everything I could need. He gave me styling room with a huge mirror. There is meaning in that….the mirror, the music…

Josh Homme….has a perfect voice and I do love Queens of the Stone Age. I must see this band perform live. It is where the idea of making music in the desert first got my attention.  And on Saturday I leave to do the same. Just alone this time….but I always write music alone. Although nothing is as much fun as collaborating with others.

I also confided to a friend that I can feel a transformation of sorts taking place on the musical front. Images are slowly being revealed from  fog and haze…..and I can see myself making new sounds, becoming something else.

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