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Everything is energy. I think we all know the power our thoughts can have if it is fueled by very strong emotions. Things will come unexpectedly, because they were invited in. I know that might seen ominous in places and perhaps it is.

We all know of someone who is going through a rough patch or another who many would consider is making the ‘wrong’ choice. Again, what does that even mean in the bigger scheme of things? One of my beliefs go something like this : the life we are living now is but a sliver of who we are as creator beings. That does not make our lives or anything we do less important but it should give reason to pause. To chill out and relax a bit more.

I also believe firmly in synchronicity and that we are dreaming our lives into being. We are not caged to this set of skin and bones. Perhaps that’s why I let go of people as easily. Or to others it appears that I do. Yes, after the many words and music I do rid myself of whatever conditioning took place. The false beliefs I decided to wear for a period of time. I am also certain that in time even those beliefs will get shifted.

We all have fears we must face. So how does one do that with grace? And what of the people in our lives? How can they assist us as we try to make sense of our choices or what we think are failures of love?

I told my daughter that instead of saying, ‘ I fear this might happen to that person…’ she should trust herself and change not only the order of words used but challenge the beliefs tied to them. Why not see the ‘other’ person as making a choice that is their best given who they are? Why not cloak them with thoughts of light and love? Yeah man, just throw some good vibes their way. Instead of worrying about them. We all will find our own way, our own path. For some it might take years. Others might never take the leap….and that’s okay also.

My daughter with all her planets in Aries and Pisces refuses to believe that a better way cannot be found and fought for. Blah blah blah they should be doing this. Blah blah blah can’t they see what will happen? We make choices I told her in a very unemotional tone. Sometimes we have to leave people alone. So their energy is not clouded with ours. This will enable them to see and hear with greater clarity. And some people, I told my daughter, are just idiots! I said that to her. Yet what I meant was this – not everyone belongs to your tribe. And that’s okay also.

Leave people and allow them to be. With all the flaws and imperfections they have. Allow them to make decisions of their own.  The more you worry, the more energy you send tainted with a bit of fear that gets stuck in their body and must find expression.

Think of whoever you are concerned about with nothing love. Send good vibes and allow a smile to settle on your beautiful face. Then listen to good music and see them as you would want to be seen. As wonderfully capable human beings.

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