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Let me just give it to you straight, okay? I am happy. So much happier lately. And for no particular reason either.

The natural result of my sparkling attitude is as follows, and I shall be scientific.  I have a bladdy great time wherever I go dammit! Also, it helps that I have cool friends. So the dosage of fun is increased a thousand fold. As they are always up for anything interesting, crazy or fun. Who could possibly ask for more eh?

Even as our mountain burns causing national headlines. Table mountain is beautiful and the surrounding areas are either nature reserves or prime property. The university library burnt down (a huge loss) and many students had to be evacuated from their residences, along with certain neighborhoods. Of course, a homeless person is being blamed. But what can one do but maintain balance and offer help where it is needed? I will not allow myself to be glued to the screen watching images of horror being replayed over and over.

Everything has to be a conscious choice. Regardless of what happens and where. Like Kevin said to me at Afrika Burn, ‘You are the party…’ All that matters is your frequency, the energy you bring and share with others.

I refuse to believe that humanity is doomed. Neither do I entertain anyone with a pessimistic-moan-and-groan-all-the-time demeanor. They are not of my tribe. Not a damn! When we are more relaxed and centered, finding solutions to any problem or affliction is easier.

If you are in a bit of a mental bind, here’s something to think about. Involve yourself with activities or people who make you feel better. Or listen to funny shows, surround yourself with positive vibrations jah man! Then revisit whatever ails you. Just give it a go. Anything that allows one to find emotional equilibrium helps I reckon.  Be kinder to your damn self and lighten up. Don’t remain in the dark.

Oh, and did I mention it? Three days to go to Summercamp!!!! Hellyeah for dancing and hanging with friends and more dancing! All my people have been informed…I will be AWOL this weekend. Unreachable dammit. Hehe

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