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I admit, there are very few people I trust. And I didn’t need Corona to show me this. As above so below. As within so without. My circle is very small and even there I practice a health dose of discernment.

But what to do when faced with so many theories about this virus?Who is to blame? China, the Illuminati? Again, if I was Svengali in my thinking, I would back both sides of any fight and profit.

If this is indeed a game of polarity, the best position to take is a neutral one. Virus aside, when trapped in any kind of conflict, it’s my balance I need to regain first. I do this by writing and singing. So I confront my worse fears and take that balanced energy to others.

When that fails….to the beach I go. Or to certain spaces with specific people mentally. I refuse to allow other people’s fears to ride on my back or hitch a ride under my skin.

So if the music I write gets a bit weird, think nothing of it. That’s just me balancing myself. Making sure the poison within me is neutralised first. How can I honestly love anyone if I don’t at least try to do so?