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My daughter worries that I am more inward focused than outward. ‘Mother, you have to speak to more people…’ she says. I do not have a problem making or maintaining friends. In fact what tends to be problematic is that many people feel a deep bond with me. Deeper than I feel for them in truth.

My inner circle is very small for a reason. And I write before I speak to anyone, even those closest to me. I recall my ex husband saying many years ago that the only way he really knew how I felt was by reading my blog posts. That’s when I realised just how closed off I can be. We are friends now, but it took him only a decade and a bit of whiskey to call and admit that….he messed up. Ah well, we were young and things happened. That’s just life I told him. Yet. I dreamed for him while married and about him years after we divorced. In fact I know the energy of his next love interest! I didn’t tell him of course. Everyone needs a good surprise here and there.

The point of this blog post is this: my dreams have been very trippy. The lockdown has added extra dimensions of weird to it. I don’t mind being more inward focused I told my daughter. My dreams have shown me things I have no way of knowing. I have been warned about so many people over the years. Small kids, often under two years old, will appear and have full blown conversations with me….about their parents, my friends. Those dreams are wonderful.

My music dreams are the best though. Mentors, a room full of them would offer me advice. Or I would be shown who to work with. And then there’s my Ben Harper dreams. But when I am shown a dream about friends as a warning, I do worry. My Mother of course understands this, and so we speak at great lengths.

Then there are ‘check in’ dreams. That’s where I see and hang out with people I have not seen in ages and miss deeply. Or nonsense dreams aka nightmares. Those dreams I end up using in either music videos or in my writing.

A dream shaman once said that what matters is that we use the energy of our dreams in waking life. And this is something I live by. In fact my daughter also dreams and told me a month before my father passed that she dreamed of him dying. And once he did she felt this weight when he joined my ancestors. My daughter is more dialled in than I am, or than she is willing to admit. She claims she knows who I will marry next. Kids,  can’t live with them can’t shoot em. Well, you can but I rather like my daughter.

I hope you dream well wherever you are. And take note of what is being shown to you.