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No other place affected me as deeply as India has. And every cliche about the country is true. You leave slightly… altered. I reckon that when I travel I would visit places in the world known to have the same effect. Only I would take a medium with me. Yes, someone who sees clearly things of the past…and can make known what I feel.

When I thought about where I would go if offered a ticket, the answer would still be the same: Berlin. I like my countries the way I dig people. In fact, people and counties are the same. Some have little impact. While one is never the same afterwards. Other people and places are transitional, and at best offer a small taste of what’s to come. As to what’s coming my way? It’s bound to surprise and that’s good enough. I do love a good ole surprise after all.

The day is over and ended on a high note. The boys and I watched Love and Monsters. We were grossed out absolutely and laughed a great deal! I can hear my Mother snoring and my bags as well as my clothing sorted for tomorrow’s filming. All one can do is face what lies ahead. By taking one small step after the other, and carrying the spirit of adventure or curiosity with one.

Would I pack up and leave my family if Music called and said it’s time to go now girl? Absolutely. Doors open only when one is ready. Or sometimes life forces you to take those scary steps into what seems unknown. But let’s be honest okay? We were all scared shitless when attempting something new. With time, everything becomes easier. When it’s time to leave, I will. Until then, this is where I am. But settle for mediocre or comfort with regards to music or love? Never. This I am certain of, thanks to India.

I am wearing the skirt Gilda gifted me with during filming tomorrow. Yes, the one her Doug gave her. It’s silk and just lovely. That reminds me. I need a kimono. And more flowers. I reclaimed a notebook my daughter stole from me, that evil kid! I am really looking forward to seeing her soon. And my friend is bringing his Zai-truck to Summer Camp and another camp member a…jumping castle! Haha. It’s gonna be so much fun. Expect mad pictures and even crazier stories!

My bossy Mother…I don’t think I could part with the ashes of someone I loved for almost 40 years so quickly either. When she is ready. Together or alone. She must do what she knows feels right – for her own heart and peace of mind. After all, it was her love that saved him from his fear of death. We all saw it. And it was her faith and trust that saved me. Hers and Gilda’s.

That’s enough for now. Enough sadness and happiness for one day. Time to sleep and perhaps dream. Who knows? I might even see a bit of Berlin while I dream! X





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