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This is gonna be an odd post for anyone who is new to my mad rantings. Over the years I have realized there is so much more than what we see in this world of ours. There are realms we all travel to while dreaming and awake. But many of us, and myself included was oblivious to it all. Until….Music came along.

My Side Chick Project, where I tell stories for adults and use music, was inspired by a nightmare. In short, someone was interfering with me energetically. I knew it the second I awoke from that dream. I asked my Mother and a few people I trust to pray and lift the energy that decided to have a go at me. I am deeply aware of how protected I am. Still, there is a reason why we were taught to pray before we go to bed as kids…

But last night was another matter altogether different. Everything I love and care for turned upside down and behaving badly. I even ended up telling Ben Harper to go to hell!  It was so bad that I  woke up screaming for my Mother!  I cannot begin to stress how important it is that we cloak ourselves and call in help or protection. There are not only people wanting to feed off our energies…

I take my ability to sing and write music very seriously. It is a calling, a gift from the gods if you will. So I treat it with respect and always call in help before I write music and step on stage. Always. It matters that the music as well as the light moves through me effortlessly, so that it reaches who needs to hear.

I am careful in every aspect of my life.  I have learnt the lesson of discernment the very, very hard way. Hence, my rants about Leo men that I won’t touch. I know what works and what doesn’t. Why repeat a lesson eh?

That being said, I am gonna soak in a long bath and get some well needed sleep tonight. And yes, I know why that nightmare occurred, I have my suspicions. You know what the older folks say, right? You can’t stop what will be from happening. You can sure try, and on one level it makes the story of one’s life a bit more interesting. I am gratefuk for the reminder that came with the nightmare.

I know my path and where my truth lies, on or off stage. Being in alignment with my higher goals matter. This relates to not only music.  Dream well wherever you are. Call in help when you feel a bit lost and watch how things unfold. Like I said – we are never alone or without help. And we are so much more powerful than we can imagine. Try not to forget. Especially if you end up screaming like a little kid for your Mother to help you! Haha

Anyhoo, here’s a reminder of my Side Chick Project. So called because…well, Music is my Main Guy after all. Yes, inspired by a nightmare. I believe firmly in using the energy from that other side and putting it to good use. Scaring the bladdy crap out of me is not good enough. The energy has to be transmuted. Take a listen…

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