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These dreams of mine….

Why can’t I have a musical Ben Harper dream eh? Wait, there is nothing wrong right now. I don’t feel conflicted, hurt or alone. Mr Harper only rocks up to save me from myself. Or to wake me up so I don’t throw myself off a cliff. Ok. Fair enough. This makes sense now …

Usually when I dream of people I haven’t seen in a long while it is a clear indication something’s off. Especially this dream. It’s like I was seeing right into their emotional and mental wellbeing….

Do I care? Yes. But lemme tell you something real. I care but not enough to put myself within firing range. Even though what I saw in the dream was  disturbing. Everyone has their own shit to deal with. It’s not my place to make his burden lighter. Damn, that sounds cold doesn’t it? But tell me how many times have we stepped in to help another only to see the same pattern repeated? Or get progressively worse at each rotation? Nah, dude is gonna have to cope alone and face his demons. We can only run for so long. And I am tired of offering water along the side of the road to people who don’t give a glorious f**k.

Time, music and love, in my thinking, are ….precious seeds. And nothing gives more joy than being embraced by a wild forest who knows more than I ever will. Jah feel?

Ooh, tomorrow is Daddy’s birthday. I think we’ll get a cake and his favorite juice. Daddy-O aka The Old Black Man aka Ou Bal, we all miss you. Yet, life moves us on doesn’t it? And I doubt you would want us to be sad.

The new album is coming along well. Tumi and I have too much fun together. This telepathy thing between us is mad crazy! I call him Mr Dirty Dancing as that is the soundtrack he listens to when he is very happy. I just shake my head and make coffee. I mean…what does one do with such a happy person? Sometimes, just sometimes….start dancing together in the kitchen and sing along of course!

In truth, I feel better writing music for this reggae album, as opposed to my own emotional drama where things felt so heavy. This feels lighter, more fun and happier. And I am happier…

We hike in a few hours and finish off the new song. Tumi says I should date a drummer seeing that I am always asking for those to be changed. Perhaps just jump him first I suggested? After knowing how well he performs….in studio and on stage? And I just heard that our friend is bringing his monster vehicle/truck to Summer Camp. This party is gonna be epic!

Have a great day wherever you are people!