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Life is ridiculously bizarre at times. We find what we need and perhaps, if imagined hard enough, get a little something extra on the side.

I was very surprised the last few weeks. Does it involve a man? Sure. But he is not the point, the experience of him is. The manner is which I conducted myself, for the most part, was …..not that damn weird anymore. In my skin and centered I felt. And that was the point.

Whenever another enters my space I pay great attention. To my own thoughts and behaviors first and foremost; just what would I like to share? Did I share as intended? Every. Single. Person. Every. Damn. Time.

Clarity of thought matters.

My friends group ( aka The Senate) is small. I  have weeded out  some over the years, as one must. Even I get the discernment thing wrong (wait, quite a few times!). Or perhaps the truth is simpler: we outgrow people.

CT is great so far. Busy. But I have time enough – for everything and everyone.