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No explanations are required in this instance. Use it, don’t use it. Sugar coating has no place here.

  • Bounce at the sign of the first red flag. In all and every kind of relationship.
  • When dealing with abusive men or women – discard the idea of playing fair. Your need to do so will be used against you. These people are either psychopaths or straight up mental. They cannot be reasoned with and it could cost your sanity, career or life.
  • The way people behave tells you how they feel about you. Don’t waste time in lalaland. Even if you use that energy in art or music. Know what is and what isn’t real.
  • Give without expectation and receive with Grace.
  • Don’t take advice from people around family, finance or career whose lives don’t reflect what you aspire to. Listen sure, but find a more reliable source. There’s a big difference between theory and the successful application thereof.
  • The universe will keep giving you chances to change your mind and make another choice, especially if you are into some dodge behavior or simply being untrue.Know this…..She will kick your ass. Drama and disaster will unfurl. After all, how else to get your damn attention? Some of us are very stubborn after all.
  • Just admit that you know what should be done to fix whatever bothers you. Once that’s done confess that you are either too scared, chicken shit  or comfortable to make those changes. Then. Stop bitching and accept where you are.
  • Don’t step into another person’s life without greater care – for the sanity of all concerned. All it takes is one person to make a profound impact on another. Let it be for the good.
  • Don’t be an asshole and ghost people. Send an email if you can’t speak. A text or visit will do also. State your case in a balanced and honest manner. Ghosting is a cowardly act.
  • Pick up the phone and call people. I mean…really speak to them. We are social beings after all. And Corona has shown us the value of human interaction. Be kinder.
  • Wake up with a great song and eat well.
  • Dress as though you are meeting the love of your life. As you are…meeting yourself every single day. Do it to feel good. Fuck everyone else. Let them stare. Make sure you smell good.
  • Know your own cycles in and out of relationships of every kind. Anticipate them and plan so you are comfortable wherever you are. Don’t make anyone else responsible for your happiness. Be happy just because… and watch them flock.
  • Really see people. The good, the bad and the ugly. Then cast aside notions of guilt and ask yourself, ‘Do I really like you as a person?’ If the answer is no….well then. Do something or stop bitching.
  • Keep your inner circle small.
  • Trust is earned.
  • Actions consistently made count.
  • Some people are just cunts. Accept and move on. Not everyone can be saved and even if they could it’s not your job to do so. If you were really honest, they always had…cuntish leanings didn’t they? But hey, it’s easier to blame yourself and do nothing. Look, I have been there. It sucks. Now I have zero fucks to give and I write about it so to remind myself.
  • Pay attention to what is said and done in anger;  yours and the actions of another.
  • Don’t be scared to walk away and start a new.
  • Waiting around for answers or an explanation can kill you. Don’t expect it. Sometimes silence is your answer. Move.
  • Guilt is a wasted emotion.
  • Spoil yourself and pay attention to your gut feel on people. They are called energy vampires for a reason.
  • Life is too ephemeral to be spent around those who do not inspire or cause your mind and heart to blossom and explode into music.

The only thing that matters is Love. Everything you see is simply love expressed. But start by loving yourself first. Love yourself enough to make yourself a priority.

And laugh more.
















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