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We are so wonderfully human, with all our glowing attributes and frailties. Mostly, I try to be kinder to myself when I stumble into my own bullshit thinking.  In this last year, aside from Noel’s death, I was only upset twice. And for no longer than an hour.

Once upon a time I had so many rules. Thou shalt not do this. Or only that under these circumstances.  Now it no longer matters the course of action any individual takes. I am no longer running away. As there is nothing to run from.

Now I  simply accept what is being shown to me, and the places where I hurt.  Whether I do it with Music, nature or in the company of people I call Home matters not. As long as I listen to my heart beating and recognize its tune.

Yet, I still believe we have an even bigger capacity to heal each other, to help, forgive,  and forge ahead. Despite not knowing what’s around the  bend. Even if we feel blinded and overwhelmed. Hope, I believe, always remains. And that’s the one small truth I hold firmly in my hands.