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I am not often swayed by words. But tell me…what could I  do on a dark night at the beach when he looked at me and said,  ‘Yours are the kinds of hands that could set wars in motion…’? I mean seriously! As a songwriter  that sentence caused my mind to race. Everyone knows how much I enjoy chopping off a few heads in song dammit!

Often we don’t see ourselves, or know how our light affects others. I give what I can because that was extended to me. At a time when I was lost and thought I had no one to turn to. At every junction in my life there were always people who held space for me. People who made writing music a joy. Who nurtured me in ways I didn’t know I needed. I do my best to reflect that in any way I can. Yes, I know…some people are assholes.

Still I don’t believe this world is going to hell in a hand basket. How could I? Perhaps because my world is filled with people who care about music, art, words and beauty. Whose every action speak of strength and resilience.  Every act then becomes one of service, of deep love. If we can extend that beyond ourselves, the world has no choice but to change.

If only we could remember that people offer us what they can. The best of who they are at that point in time. And it is our insistence that it be anything other than what it is that causes so much harm. I have been guilty of this myself!

Sometimes we marry the person who teaches us how to love….by loving too little or too much. Often that person is cast as the villain. Yet when viewed another way, could it not simply be…love expressed? The kind of love that demands we grow up, face our demons and take a step into the beyond we know nothing of?

Next time someone pays you a compliment, accept it with Grace. Or when they hurt you…see it for what it can cause you to become, to grow into. A person with a greater capacity to love and heal…

What’s the point of this blog post? Ah yes…allow new energy to infuse and life to surprise. I smiled when he said I smell of light, herbs and magic. Then I lit my cigarette and said, it’s not me. It’s what I spark within you that matters. One should pay attention to what is sparked in the silence of one’s heart…and honor it.  Even if it hurts.






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