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My week was great! What did I learn this week, you ask? I really do enjoy being on radio and I am no longer as afraid of being in conflict with another.

Let’s  start with the radio. Mark laughed when I told him about the radio gig. ‘Now you have no choice but to pay attention to popular music!’ Not only that man….I know things I never cared about before. Like the names of politicans and the news! Dammit, I  know what’s going on. Even the weather forecast is stuck in my head along with all kinds of pointless information! I am learning so much from my co-host about different kinds of music and South African  musicians. So it is not that bad I reckon. I do enjoy the entire process and the people I interact with. Noel says I sound like a natural!

Regarding conflict….we all have certain people who can trigger us to hell and back don’t we? And  boy…was I triggered. At the height of our argument I was accused of being  cold blooded. I learnt ages ago  that Anger is just a surface level emotion. What is the real cause of the pain? Yes, I have been called cold before. I refuse to be dragged into anyone’s drama.  Besides, a good amount of detachment allows me the space to breathe, find the root causes and solutions. I felt the anger  flare for a second or two but asked myself….how much do I love this human I am speaking to? Will loosing my shit help?

Anyhoo, that was my week. I hope to record a new song tonight. A very close friend has a birthday soon, so celebrations are going down my people!  I do look forward to November and being at Summercamp to celebrate with friends I only saw a year ago. Minus Matt. I see him whenever I am in CT and we talk all the time, the grumpy bastard. But still, hanging out with my other tribe is a ….safety valve of sorts. Anyhoo. Have a great week wherever you are. X

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