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I have to remind myself every day….the point is to ride out bad days and start the new day with new energy. The point is to not get stuck, to gravitate towards good people and remind myself I am one of those good people also. Even if I can6 reach for that feeling at times.

The point is…everything happens for a reason, even if I don’t know what that reason is. I will either discover it or make it up as I go along. I am the silver lining, the dark  clouds, the blue sky and the sun. Dammit, being human  is hard, especially when I forget.

Brooklyn gave me an idea for music when we spoke.  I just need to do some reading, watch movies, talk to more people and stop isolating. As I had a tendency to do that before the pandemic hit. And used ‘writing music’as an excuse.

Am I stranger now? Yes, and that’s the main point I sometimes forget when bad days hit. I think we all do.

Last night was so funny. My family and i watched a movie, a horror movie, I subjected them all to many years ago. Jeepers Creepers was a funny movie and we all forgot the entire movie and so were shouting like lunatics. It was so much fun. Yes, I must remember my role as the family terrorist when it comes to movies.

Wherever you are, try to remember what you…always forget when bad days hit. Yes, it’s all true. All those wonderful things people told you. You are that amazing, that handsome, that smart, that good at telling dirty jokes. And yes, you look incredibly hot naked.  Every good thing anyone ever said or thought about you is all true.

Have a great damn day over there. X

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