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Every so often the absurdity  of the ‘real world’ shock the hell out of me. The social media blackhole to be specific. How and why is time wasted so spectacularly?  And how can this be thought of as Music? “Mother, give our generation a break. All the musicians you love were using heroin…” says  23 year old daughter who is about to present her thesis  in the new week.

Flash forward a day or two.  My nephew  asks to speak to me urgently while I am in the kitchen making coffee. The same nephew who enjoys helping me write bloody lyrics where whiskey and guns are involved.  My mind races. Does he have issues at school, or is it matters of the heart that afflict? After all he is so tall and beautiful; my favorite boy.

My 14 year old nephew and I discussed amongst other things –  the definition of free will, fate, determining what is true, relevant and the  shortcomings of the rational mind. Yeah. “Aunt Auriol, I just need to detangle my thoughts…”

Perhaps my daughter has a point. Everyone finds their own way somehow. When I was his age I was obsessed with the occult, hip hop and first my boyfriend. No, that happened when I was 16. At the age of 23, I was married, my daughter 2 years old…and all I wanted was a life filled with Music.

My conclusions? Listen and listen carefully. They have much to teach us and we have just as much to share.