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Everyone has a someone they can talk to regarding matters of truth. Talk. Debate. Argue. Laugh. A vigorous and lively interaction where all the versions of mis-truth are challenged, and your bias confirmed. Yet, can you embody that truth with them? We all reach a precarious edge when ideas are on the precipice of becoming solid objects. You can hear the “whoosh” as they base jump right into your world. Consider yourself lucky if they are one and the same person. Well matched. Perhaps even blessed.

We meet all manner of people for different reasons and they play different roles. But who do you call when the shit hits the fan? Who picks up? Who is that one person who would hide bodies for you? I was pleasantly surprised when I uncovered a new person today. But then again…I do love a good ole  surprise. He not only hid the body but took me to a safehouse where he wrapped blankets around me. To keep the wolves, monsters and things I am too scared to imagine at bay. Did I mention there was food? Food he made as he listened.

Today was a good day. And something, somewhere shifted.