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It feels as though I am being de-cluttered from the inside out.  I asked for help in this regard during meditation. Set me free so I can evolve…and this includes people stuck in my emotional body, it would appear.

And so I am gifted with odd dreams. It is ironic that the energy I experienced when with another is repeated and made so obvious I can’t run or look away. As though someone is saying – here, take a look, tell us what you see about yourself and the other. Tell us what you have called into your life, your creations. Are you satisfied? Is this a reflection of who you when at your best or worse?

I woke up and thought, ‘ I remember you…’ Now I know why I have not let go of the paintings, the gifts, the things he gave me. Despite everything, he made me feel….so loved and beautiful. No one reminded me that this is who I am or have always been. Not my father, ex husband or anyone since. And that’s why I loved him and why my physical space is littered with reminders of him still.

Cleansed from the inside out. It feels as though I am being shown why I called certain people into my life and the lost elements within myself they came to remind me of. It was my daughter who remarked that objects contain a resonance or energy within themselves…She said this while looking at a painting. Perhaps it is safe to let go of those objects now. Or neutralise the energy stored within them. After all, I was presented with the lesson around self worth when he was with me and mastered it when alone.

All I am, all we are….is a light show projected by consciousness itself. And the things, the objects we see moving around us, or hang on to, the people and experiences…are part of the show, the dream we staged to learn about our capacity to love. Our capacity to love and create despite forgetting that we are creator beings. Creator being who are asked to remember their ability by having everything and everyone removed from us.

There is just one thing left to confront. My link to Ben Harper’s music. That is bound to be…. interesting as it is tied with the one thing I love most. Music itself. Let’s see how that plays out. The irony is that I cleared my room, my phone a few days ago and removed all reminders of my past. Yes, it’s time to make room for the new to enter my life.

It’s not the path that matters but the goal is a common saying. Yet the truth is, at least in my poor estimation, is that we are both the path and the goal. We are the the smoke, the mirrors and the wizard behind the curtain…

Yeah, de-cluttered from the inside out. Do you see now why I feel as though something is on its way to me? But in order to make space for it I have to confront and clear the mental and emotional clutter. As to what’s on its way, I have no clue. And perhaps that’s also part of the dream also. Being presented with the new and my ability to navigate and ride that wave…

Anyhoo , let me start my day. I am grateful for the reminder and the dream.


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