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Confession. I am not into this sacrificing yourself drama. First, it’s hella boring and will kill you slowly. Second, did I mention it’s hella  boring? But, here’s the downside. It comes with great music. That, my friends, is the tricky bit every musician has to deal with. I am over this idea of suffering for your Art.  Or using it as a distraction to not have to deal with the very real things in one’s life. Dammit. Live for your art. Joyfully.

I think we all decide consciously or subconsciously what matters. The lawyer who ended up giving us a psychic mini reading in that bar said a few things that were very true. My focus is not on men or love. The man I love will walk right into my life when the timing is right, of that I have no doubt. Untill then, I plan on enjoying myself with whomever I feel a deep sense of kinship with.  Like I said, I have things to do.

My time is spent engaging with people of my choosing. Where the energy is reciprocated. Breadcruming is not something I care for or will give in turn. Take me as I am or leave me where you found me. Ps, my current ringtone is Ben Harper’s I Dont Believe A Word You Say. Such a killer tune and a reminder of course. This here lady wont fall so easily for anything or anyone. Death has made me a lot wiser, thank you very much. Love is many things but at the top of the list is Being. Love is Being. Just as Music is. On and off stage.

So think about that why dont you. Just what is your greatest good? How much of yourself will you give away and why? And is it really worth it? But then again I am a Scopio. Lemme deal with the pain and the horror of it in one go, take my time to heal and then move on transformed. See, that’s how I roll.

Knowing we are eternal beings doesn’t mean we get to waste our time on this rock called earth. It means, for me at least, we live with greater reverence.  Enjoying each moment afforded. Loving and being true…honoring always what’s good and great…for yourself first. As your joy, your light becomes a beacon for others.

I really should stop preaching, but I do this mostly for myself, so I don’t  forget. My little old heart matters regardless of what I do or fail to do. As does yours…





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