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Do you remember that Jim Carrey movie where he decided to say yes to everything? A few years ago I decided to do just that, but only with one friend I trust. Probably the most outgoing person I know. Gregarious is his real name!

I found myself surrounded by the strangest and loveliest people, doing all kinds of crazy shit! It was the only way I knew how to shift myself out of the mental cage I found myself in. I don’t regret any of it. Falling asleep in a bush  while waiting for him at a music festival, jumping in a car with an unknown person because I was lost and thought he was missing. And just as in the movies….the minute the driver was about to start the car I heard, ‘Auriol….where are you going?’ Haha

Everything evolves and we along with it. Now….I  am a bit more circumspect of course. Yet, I will never forget those early days. I had to learn what does and doesn’t work for me. Discernment I got to grips  with the hard way. And it has all be hella fun so far.

These days (god I sound like an old lady), I only say yes to things and people who move me.  I do love adventure my people! Again, my father was a hard man. He never treated my sister or I as most fathers do. He did the best he could, as he knew how hard South Africa was for a person of color. There was so much  both of us had to learn on our own. Or puzzle our way through in relationships. It taught me the value of my own voice and the need I had to be heard.

Similarly,  I give people the choice always. If you want to see me, then do. Make the effort. I make my availability and desires known – on and off stage. People who know me well, know the color and texture of my Yes. But fuckit my brother-man, the days running after anyone is over. I have seen…too many dicks on the dancefloor. Thanks Daddy-oh! You were the biggest dick I knew, a proper asshole….and then became the Father and man I always needed. And I, somehow became….by us looking after each other in the last few years….the person I always needed to be. Your daughter. My own person. You always had a knack of changing my life old man!

No more fighting for space or to be heard or seen. I am not that kid hiding behind a curtain who Mummy had  to coax out…because I thought I was ugly and stupid. That shit is done. I am grown ass lady with a wicked sense of humor, a love for whiskey and a damn cool voice. Oh…and unshakable faith! Haha

Thank god I don’t myself too seriously anymore. This day is already wonderful. It can only get better from here onwards. But first…a cool song, coffee and a smoke.

Have a beautiful day wherever you are. The world needs your delicious wickedness also…aka…your light. But my version just sounds better, so roll with it my people! Be wicked and bold and beautiful and say yes to whatever moves you….

In  short, follow your Bliss. Xxx

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