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I always end up writing weird songs that involve the Devil from 2am onwards. And we are always getting up to some shit, him and I! I really liked the line where I sing, ‘I stared the devil down, now we drink whiskey and we fuck around…’ Hehe. However, once the devil and I danced for a bit I end up writing a song I really like – without fail. So far there are eleven new songs I have written over the last two weeks. This popped out of nowhere and is called Stay Strong. It is going on the album!

Here are some lyrics

If peace is what you want, then peace you gotta find. Straight paths are for the less adventurous of mind, so please stay strong.

I know you can feel the steel bars around your skin. You’re howling so loud but everyone thinks you’re singing. Please stay strong.

Your heart is a circle of stones. Inside there’s a tomb with one name alone…but I see you. I can see you…from here.

Reach for silence when you can. Let the pain pass through your heart and then out your hands. And please stay strong.


This song is beautiful. Again, Rodney has to do some magic as my piano playing sucks! Now it’s 7:20 and I think a few hours sleep will do just fine. Maybe tomorrow at 2am I will finish some evil song for the album. There aren’t really  any. Okay….one song…for now…




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