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Let’s be frank – Death really does  bring clarity. I have concluded the following – letting go of an experience, a place or a person (alive or dead) is hella hard! Often we struggle and suffer in our attempts. Yet, the word Art signifies that letting go occurs when a  synthesis of its own doing settles and find expression with ease.

My best friend’s sudden passing caught me off guard. How would I like my world to look, I asked myself? What are the gifts I bring to those I care for, the energy I would like others to glide on? Beyond the Music, between the words – what’s my core vibration?  When I sleep at night am I content …that on this day…I did the very best I could for those I love, and for myself? Am I able to let go of what is unloving in my own mind and world?

Yet, it is so much simpler in the end (at least in my thinking) : You  are  embodying your truth.  Whether you like it or not. You are a walking, talking advertisement for the beliefs you value most. So, do you like what you see?

We have a theme for Afrika Burn next year. An aesthetic as a group. We are all hella excited and will pull it off (the trial run) at Summercamp in November. I mention this as one needs small joys  along the way. Things to inspire and titillate one’s senses. After all, what’s the use of being alive if not gloriously so?

Whenever I travel, the whom, what, where and for how long is vital.  My father was obsessed with clocks. He made so many and our family home is still littered with them. I get it finally, Old Man. Time is precious. And we waste most of it being fearful.

My current working theory goes like this – fuckit, I am gonna do it anyway, whether fear is present or not. Like Noel often said to me, ‘ Aplogize, if you need to, later…’ 

Obligation. Duty. These words no longer form  part of my vocabulary. I will no longer be coerced into ‘good behavior’ by others. I do as it pleases me, with  full  awarness and consent of those at my side.  In all aspects of my life. Come along for the ride or stay at home. And yes, I write as a reminder. As we all guilty of abandoning ourselves.

Be gentle.  Be kind. A bit braver next time. Just give it a bash. I know I will. X