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I do have crazy friends. Wonderful, amazing human beings. They are the best part of my life along with Music. In fact, if I look back I was never really alone, for both the highs and lows. Yeah, I roll deep when it comes to my friendships.

My best friend once said I have grace on my side. I always seem to have angels around me. This is very true. I invest deeply when I feel a connection to someone. The phone will be picked up regardless of the hour. I will jump in my car and rock up wherever needed.  And when I meet people the last thing I mention is being a musician. I don’t want what I do to get in the way of getting to know them. Besides, if I have any kind of regard for someone I consider a great friend, new music is sent to them first.

And my group of friends are all loners, mavericks and deeply intuitive. Some of them are academics, artists, journalists or function so far outside of the mainstream. However, they all have one quality that I love them for. They call me out on my bullshit….in such a gentle way I have to listen.

In fact my inner circle all have the gift of seeing beyond the surface. I recall not being able to dream a few years ago and my Mark dreamt for me and handed me those messages I could not access. I would get a call or a text at the moment I need it most. Also they know that if left to my own devices I will stay indoors or under a tree reading or writing music. So they take me to spaces that either challenge my thinking or where I can just laugh, dance and let my hair down.

Music and food plays a huge role in how we connect. I spend time collecting recipes and it is a well known fact I only cook for people I love. In fact I have not cooked a meal for any love interest. Cake and sweet things do not count. After feeling like I was enslaved to the kitchen while married for 13 years…the urge to cook was lost on me for a very long time. So believe me, I appreciate a good meal or anything made with love.

Until Gilda arrived. Aside from being the ambassador for TLC Alzheimer’s Homes, I felt like I was being re-educated. No, it felt as though I was attending finishing school. All of a sudden I knew why certain knives were being used, how to make a table look as decadent as the meal and how to decorate anything. Gilda is a boss at making use of any and everything. A skill she had to learn while managing three homes with Alzheimer’s residents. This is also why I wear mostly second hand, very cool stuff. By the way, if you need more convincing read Confessions of an Eco Sinner. It details the real cost of that new gold ring, a pair of jeans or the out of season fruits we eat.

Two of my friends are always way ahead of the curve when it comes to new music. And my daughter of course. So I turn to them when I am out of ideas. However, I enjoy having a tribe of people with so many divergent ways of viewing the world. It keeps me on my toes. They also expand my knowledge base and introduce me to the most intriguing people. And they forgive me for not being the most practical human being…

The standing joke is, ‘I thought I would only visit for an hour….’ Five or seven hours we are still at it. My birthday party last year was stressful. I had to spend time with all of them one on one. It messed with my whiskey drinking! I like my one of one long ass conversations. It does not matter where we go or what we drink. Rooibos tea is my least favorite…but only if a dash of nutmeg is added. A lady must have standards! I give them what I can, as best I can…my entire focus, bad advice and dirty jokes. We would go to war for each other. And I feel sorry for the man who hurts me, not with the army I hang with! Hehe..Not that it’s needed. I usually kill off badly behaved men in song.

So yeah, I am super excited about going to CT….and the on the day all sins will be forgiven. An old friend  and I used Ben Harper’s birthday to talk shit to each other, no excuses or apologies…because all sins are forgiven on that day! Look,the fact that I have friends that allow me to get away with stuff like that says it all.

The house is filling up. But luckily I am off in the early morning to help Gilda with a sale at one of TLC’s homes. That way I get a bit of peace before being bossed around by my parents. Life is damn sweet.