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I can feel it snaking up my spine, the new energy. It say….Go! Do it! Just live a little girl, dammit! Lockdown is coming to an end and there are things to do and people to see!

Yet. We are human and carry so many fears. I often wonder how people manage to deal with it when encountering others. Do we say, ‘So, I have this fear of abandonment….’ or ‘Don’t turn into an asshole fuckboy please….’ Or the line I employ , ‘I like you, so can we see what this means, if anything?’ I was accused of being non-committal. Rightfully so. I was being a dick, but those days are over.

Instead let’s go with honesty. What is it you want really? Do you know what you are looking for? A shag? A long term relationship? Or someone to hang with, occasionally bonk, who won’t ask too many questions and be demanding?

When we meet the right person those fears, for the most part, are not even addressed. There is no need to. Everything feels right. Oh, it’s a great feeling until it gets muddled up with life happening and things that need doing. Real life that is.

Do you wanna know what I learnt from my last relationship? Real life can wait. Every moment is magical and what matters is how generous one is.  I get that real life happens but never would I ever want my time with anyone to become a bore and turn into routine. Adventure awaits! Let’s make breakfast spectacular….and dress up on Wednesdays just because! And birthdays will always be celebrated in style. After all, you are alive…and I am lucky enough to have you in my life! Who needs more reason for a party eh? You, darling, are pure magic and I love every bit of you. That, my people, is how I roll when it comes to love.

Scorpios are very loyal. But when we have zero fucks to give…a Scorpio will do whatever or whoever pleases them the most. And not get attached at all. Or if we do, it will be a secret until we die. Or confess! And then we will still pretend it isn’t you. Haha.

If I spend time with anyone it’s because I care and they are that special. Not simply because I have an itch and they are great at scratching. Standards! Frequency! Magic! Chemistry! Mad chemistry!

Anyhoo, Lockdown is at level one at the start of October, meaning our borders are open for travel! Yay. Also, a lot more people are attending Summer Camp, the music festival where I will be spending my birthday. Yay, for dancing like a lunatic! I have skins that need shedding.

Each day is a surprise and I do love a good ole surprise as much as I enjoy surprising others. So that’s the energy I am bringing with me out of Lockdown. Clarity of heart and a head full of surprises. Sounds like a plan!