The real desert does not allow one to be sentimental. There are no distractions. Just you and the stark beauty of the landscape. They dropped us off in a remote spot ….a walk about if you will. We had to find our way back alone. I took only notebook. No phones were allowed. And as I did…a song came to me. I found the chords for the song and then…

As luck would have it, one of the residents happens to be a pianist. So we worked on the song I just wrote. You can hear us talking in between…

Here are some of the lyrics. Recorded on my phone.

A tribe of stones with no way home are calling out to me// the unknown stars and plains of broken blue cloud all I can see// the vastness of familiar things are trinkets for slumbering kings//

and still I walk alone….and still I walk alone

until my heart splits alone. I will walk alone

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