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Ben Harper has balls. Big balls and he swings them around freely, dangerously. Okay, what am I talking about here? He stated on social media he doesn’t want any Trump followers at his concerts or listening to his music. He wants America back and justice for George Floyd.

There’s so much activity in the stars (many planets in retrograde and a lunar and solar eclipse), and it’s shaking things up. Expect more upheavals globally, more protests. Things are shifting but in order for this to happen, the creaky foundations are being exposed. In such a way that people can no longer deny any of it or make stupid excuses.

And so the question that arises is this: For how long will the lie continue? The same question I ask on an individual level as I dissect choices made is being asked collectively, globally. For how long and at what price will the lie continue? What struck me most was the pain underneath Ben Harper’s words.  Behind every kind of anger and rage pain can be found.

I watch world events unfolding with a measure of…detachment.  Ah, there it is. Fear on display. Fear being sold. And people picking sides. As though it matters. Like I said….if I was an evil overlord bent on world domination – I would back both sides, same agenda sold in different flavors, at different prices all with a kick ass soundtrack and smoking hot dancers as a distraction.

All one needs to do is look at the picture in its totality. If one keeps getting the same results from different people on different sides….then it’s the entire system that has to be dismantled.

I think America got the leader it deserves. Trump is wonderfully divisive! Only a man like him could show America and the entire world just how deep the lie is, that the foundation is nothing but rot. It always was.

I can 1984 control people or Brave New World them into submission. Either way, the control is mine, get it? So I am gonna allow you to believe you are free while I hang on to the keys of your open cage, and drink whiskey with five insanely handsome naked men at my side. And some people will still see me and say….look at that nice lady and her handsome chapie bodyguards looking after us. In short, expect more upheavals. People have been blinded for way too long.

I removed the video I put on Instagram where I gave the government the benefit of a doubt when they banned alcohol and cigarettes. But it became very clear that there was an agenda and it had nothing to do with our health. Money and the power…like Coolio said my people. In this regard South Africa is no different from any other money/power hungry country. People are seeing through it. After all… apartheid didn’t end 300 years ago.

Either way, the questions still remains the same. And it’s questions we all have to answer individually and collectively.

What kind of world do we want to live in? And what will we do in order to achieve it? For how long will we be triggered into polarity, into forgetfulness and further and further away from our true nature?

The answers remains the same: switch on the lights and the shadows disappear. Maintain your balance and don’t fight alone or in the dark.


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